FEMA Information


1. Do I need flood insurance?

Have you been told your home is not in a flood zone and you do not need flood insurance? Read this! FEMA also has a convenient "one-step flood risk profile" tool. All you have to do is enter your address.

2. What is a flood vent and do I really need them?

A flood vent or opening defined by FEMA is "a permanent opening that allows for the free passage of water automatically in both directions without human intervention. A minimum of two openings are required for enclosures or crawlspaces. So not all structures require flood vents. For more detailed information read this.

3. I am building a new house, what should I know?

The first thing you should know is what flood zone your property is located. If your property is located in a special flood hazard zone you should get three (3) different flood certificates over the course of construction.

    1. Pre-construction - This certificate determines the flood zone of the property and the required elevation of the finished floor of the building. A benchmark may be needed on site at this time.

    2. Under-construction - This certificate determines if the constructed finish floor meets the minimum elevation requirement. This certificate should be completed before the actual floor is put into place based on form boards, top of block, etc. to avoid any unnecessary additional costs.

    3. Finished Construction - This certificate provides additional information for a a completed elevation certificate, adjacent ground elevations, service machinery, and required photographs.